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9 Ways Anyone Can Use Social Media to Help Forest Park

The beauty of using social media as a church is that every member of our community is already empowered to spread the word naturally, online and offline, through our various networks of relationships. Facebook, Twitter, and other tools are merely making that task easier. So our challenge is simple: Just be you. Just love people the way you already do, and as you do, share your faith.

Also, at Forest Park we try hard to stretch your tithes and gifts as far as we can to reach as many people as possible. We want to tell everyone in our community about Forest Park, but advertising can get expensive! You can help us reduce our advertising costs by being active on the Forest Park social networking pages (Facebook and Twitter). Because of the way Facebook works, very few people who "Like" our Facebook pages actually see the information we post. The more people who "Share," "Like," and "Comment" on a post, the more other people get to see it. "Comments" and "Shares" are usually more helpful than "Likes," and that's where you come in!

Here are nine ways you can help Forest Park anytime to build relationships and share the gospel.

  1. “Like” our campus Facebook pages and follow us on Twitter.
  2. One of the biggest ways you can help is to head over to any one of our campus' Facebook pages, mouse over the “Liked” button, and choose “Notifications - All Posts” (see the graphic above for an example). Every time we add an update to a page, you’ll get a Facebook notification (not an email) about it and you’ll be able to click on it, “Like” it, “Share” it, etc.
  3. Click the "Share" and "Like" links on our news stories, message content, and various website pages, especially pages featuring our online sermons, events, and upcoming teaching series.
  4. Leave "Comments" on posts you see on Facebook by Forest Park, which helps our content spread further to be seen by your friends.
  5. "Re-tweet" what Forest Park posts on Twitter.
  6. “Check in” on Facebook every time you’re at Forest Park for worship, LifeGroup, or an event we’re hosting.
  7. Join our Social Media Team. Anyone can join, and it takes very little time. To join, send an email to
  8. Post, as a tweet or Facebook status update, a short quote from a sermon, or a lyric from a song we’re singing, and put #forestpark in your post.
  9. Invite people to Forest Park events by sharing our invite graphics using your social networks.

Thanks for helping us spread the gospel through social media!