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Thailand 2016 Missions Trip (Day 6)

Thailand Day 6:

Very unusual clinic day today at Nong Bua Lampu--a small village about 45 minutes from Phu Wiang.  We saw only about 40 patients this morning, which may have been The Lord's provision of a little rest for us all since we were all pretty tired from yesterday's almost 300 patients with only two doctors.

This morning we had a few moments of excitement when a little girl was carried to the cliinic. She had just been hit by a motorcycle, and was shaken up, crying, and had some abrasions. Fortunately she didn't seem to have broken any bones and eventually she calmed down.  One of our Thai friends, Nok, cleaned up her wounds and she was able to go home.

After lunch the kids team walked into the "highways and byways" of the little village to tell people about the clinic. They met a man who was in charge of the PA system and he announced the clinic to the town, so this afternoon more people arrived to be seen.

Also when walking through the town our team met a family with a bedridden man and offered a home visit. Dr Doug asked me to go to see the man with one of the local missionaries and a local pastor. When we arrived we removed our shoes before entering the house. The patient was just next to the door on a raised bed.  Mark Caldwell, a missionary here that I've known him for several years, translated for me today. He talked to the family and found out that the man had been diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years ago. He had an indwelling foley placed about 6 months ago. He is worsening in the last 2 months and is too weak to get out of bed now. He is taking morphine and is comfortable. He knows he is in the process of dying. Several women were there taking care of him.  I examined him and found that he has a urinary infection. I spoke about The Lord--the reason I am here from America in this very small village. The local pastor witnessed to him and we prayed for him.  We had medicine brought from the clinic for his infection.

By the time we left the village and returned to the clinic we had many people waiting, so the afternoon went by quickly. We ended up seeing 135 people with 10 decisions for Christ and 13 other people interested. A very good day.

Dinner was back in Phu Wiang at the Dinosaur restaurant where we had sweet and sour fish, pork with oyster sauce, shrimp with glass noodles and chicken with cashews. It was all very good. We then had ice cream at 7/11.

Kids team went really well today. We had about 100 7th-9th graders. They all listened very well, and that made for a great morning. Tessa led crafts and it was so much fun to hang out with the kids and try to communicate with them. Julie Reed shared the Gospel alongside Oy, one of the Thai Christians. Grace Reed did bingo. Emma and Phil Greathouse did recreation. Mike Flack did coloring books.  We had lots of fun singing songs during the opening and teaching a dance (yes I said dance, and I have a video to prove it!) at the closing. A great English camp for us all.

Tonight Dr Doug finished leading Bible study over the 4th chapter of Jonah. Again God rescues Jonah, this time from the sun and exposes Jonah's heart. It's not a pretty picture as Jonah has more pity for a plant than the Ninevites. Not too good for a missionary.



July 28, 2016


Brock Cummins

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