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Thailand 2016 Missions Trip (Day 5)

Thailand Day 5

When you show up and bring a dozen Americans "you make a scene" at any Thai town. Or at least that's what Dr. Doug told us the other day. It was quite a scene today in Sii Chumpuu.  There was a line of patients waiting when we arrived. The elected government officials were so happy to have us there that they had a ceremony before the clinic started. Which gave us a bit of a slow start to a very long day. All told we saw 287 patients and 101 prayed to receive Christ with another 60 or so interested and requesting follow up. Amazing numbers of people who are interested in Christianity in this part of the world--a very Buddhist country. It really was a great day.

The kids team was able to work with 70 4th-9th graders. The sack race was again the event of the day. Some of the older kids learned to throw an American football. They also enjoyed the crafts and the bingo.

The team had rotis this afternoon as a snack--basically the Thai version of a funnel cake. It is a crepe/flatbread cooked on a griddle with condensed milk poured on it and rolled up. Very yummy.

Dinner was a seafood feast at a restaurant with huge prawns, open face fish, spicy soup and various other seafood. And no--we didn't eat the eyes--at least not at my table. There was a grape soda catastrophe so a few of us left a little sticky, and the grape flavor gave the rice a little extra something.

We are headed back to the hotel for a Bible study and showers. Continue to pray for us as we serve in Thailand.



July 27, 2016


Brock Cummins

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