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Thailand 2016 Missions Trip (Day 3)

Thailand Day 3

We arrived at the hotel late last night and it is a good one--a collection of very cute Thai style guesthouses made with lots of teak wood sitting next to a rice field with that brilliant green color that only God could have created. Imagine tiny cabins in Branson for two people each, but in a Thai style of architecture and with all the usual Thailand amenities--meaning you leave your shoes at the door, you use bottled water to brush your teeth and there's no shower curtain. It may be the nicest place we've ever stayed for clinics in Thailand. 

So we had breakfast and left for clinics close by at Khao Noi.  Someone (not saying who, but he might have been driving the van) had left the van window down last night and the van was filled with mosquitos. Like 100! Or 200! I'm not sure but everyone started swatting them and we all looked a bit insane. A lot of hand raising for Southern Baptists!

We had steady business today at the first medical clinic with 183 patients--mostly adults. Most had complaints of joint or back pain, many with ulcer/gastritis pain, and then various other illnesses. Each patient received free medicines and heard the gospel. 69 people prayed with gospel sharers today--a huge number of people! And 38 more were interested in more information.

The kids team had over 100 kids participating today.  They sang songs, did crafts, played soccer and parachutes, and played bingo for prizes.  The team teaches English along with presenting the gospel, and they were praised by one of the teachers at the school where they had English camp today, who said that they did a great job. Samuel, one of our team members, stepped up as a translator today, and he did a great job. (Just to let you know, he actually lived in Thailand in the past--we are not speaking in tongues here). It was good that he was here because our main leader was sick today and Cheryl was away also, but the team represented Forest Park well.

Our Thai friend Oy said that the kids she spoke with today had never heard the gospel before. And one teacher was interested in going to church to learn more.

This afternoon the Dinosaur museum was closed, but we did have ice cream in their store and met with the local pastors there. They have had real personal challenges recently, but have remained faithful. They are hoping that the village we were at today will be the sight of the mother church for the surrounding area, in order to plant other groups of believers.

Dinner tonight was a place where you are given a pot of water and told to put what you want in it for dinner. You boil your own food! And then eat it. It was pretty fun and not bad food. I like this concept and I'm thinking I may try it at home:) That might solve the dinner dilemma at my house.

Tomorrow clinic will be at a school where a recent revival was held. There are currently no Christians in the town where we will be tomorrow. Please pray for good results and energy and protection for us all.



July 25, 2016


Brock Cummins

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