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Thailand 2016 Missions Trip (Day 2)

Thailand Day 2

Sunday in Bangkla. We got up early and Dr Doug led Bible study this morning from Jonah chapter 2. Jonah prays for deliverance and the Lord answers. Even though Jonah is in the wrong the Lord is glad to receive his prayers--just like he is with us.

We visited the Plang Yao church this morning--a young church about 30 minutes from Bangkla that was started with visits to homes in the community from the staff of Bangkla Baptist Clinic after their work hours. There are now about 45 believers at Plang Yao. Joplin teams have been involved in English and medical clinics here as well.  Today we were able to watch Jonathan Derbyshire preach--he was filling in for a missionary who was ill. Jonathan did a great job! It has been wonderful to see him grow up and start to do great things for God.

The Plang Yao church is growing and today was a great day there. 5 people were baptized. They use a tank filled with water outside behind the church. Each person would climb down the ladder into the tank and the elder would gently direct them straight down into the water.

First to be baptized was Nung--a middle aged man who came to faith when he was witnessed to by a lady who came to faith from a California Baptist trip led by Sandy Derbyshire--Doug and Cheryl's daughter. Today Nung was so happy--he told Dr Doug "I was made for this".

Next a lady named Nonpoon was baptized as well as her mother and older brother. Nonpoon's daughter has Down's syndrome and we were blessed to watch Shelly from our team work with the little girl during the kids class and at the service. She was happy and interactive with Shelly--more so than ever before. She is usually withdrawn but today Shelly had spent time with her specifically and the little girl showed some abilities her mom hadn't seen. It was precious to get to watch.

The last to be baptized was a young man named Erth who is in 8th grade. He attended an English camp done a few years ago by a Forest Park team with Jason Eckels and Brock Cummins. His social situation is poor--mom is an alcoholic and not a believer and there is a drug house right next to his own house. But he is involved in church and playing drums.  And he looked  joyous today during baptism.

We packed up and left for the hotel near where are clinics will be after church. We went over the big mountain with horrible traffic and ate dinner at a gas station--but they had good ice cream. We will be staying in Phu Wiang, which will be home base for the next few days. We hear they have a dinosaur museum here too--you just never know what will happen in Thailand but it's always an adventure. We would love your prayers in the coming days. More soon.



July 25, 2016


Brock Cummins

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