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Thailand 2016 Missions Trip (Day 1)

Thailand day 1

Our team arrived in Bangkla with luggage at midnight last night. All went smoothly with flights. We appreciate Brock's help in travel details and excellent packing. (Thanks to McKensie E & Bekah D -- great bag tags and walker packing).

Today we were well fed for breakfast with beautiful cinnamon rolls, "hairy eyeballs" fruit, and great scrambled eggs (thanks Phil and Dianne).  The team met with Dr. Doug and Cheryl to get oriented, met new missionaries in language training, and heard about plans for the week.

Lunch was at a little restaurant 1/2 a block away where we had pork with red sauce--very good.  In the afternoon we had Bible study, packed medicines and the kids team planned their week (learning songs and activities for the kids).

Bible study today was on Jonah 1.  Dr Doug said that the book is a book of rescue. God goes to great lengths to rescue people from their sin and rescues Jonah from his own disobedience as well.  He describes those who are in the midst of disobedience and sin as sleepers (like Jonah sleeping in the midst of the storm his sin had caused).  Trouble (the storm) makes people (like the sailors) consider who God is. So at the end of the chapter they are praying to Jonah's God, instead of the various gods they had before. And in the end God comes through for both the sailors and Jonah--even though it all looked bleak just before. 

Tonight we ate at the river restaurant and will be early to bed. Church in the morning at Plang Yao and then travel to Isaan for clinics Monday.  More in a couple of days! Thanks for your prayers.



July 25, 2016


Brock Cummins

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