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Next Steps: July 2016 Update

The summer Olympics are just days away from starting, and one of my favorite events is the marathon. The marathon is a 26-mile race that has its origins all the way back to ancient Greece and is an incredible event to watch. The winner is usually the runner that is able to maintain their pace throughout the race and then finish strong. Paul, the great missionary to the Gentiles, referenced this same event numerous times in his letters to the new church. Paul urged his fellow believers in Christ to “ with perseverance the race marked out before us” (Hebrews 12:1).

Here at Forest Park, we are so excited to announce that we are running our own race with equal endurance as well. With 55% of the time in our three-year building program elapsed, we already have over 64% of the pledges ($1,693,925) received ($1,090,320). WOW!!! We serve a mighty God, and He is so good to bless our church with such faithful givers who want to finish this race.

Forest Park North recently celebrated the grand opening of the enlarged and improved Forest Park Kids space. The 4,000+ square feet of new space looks awesome, and the kids and volunteers are so thankful for your giving that made it possible. Last week during VBS, Forest Park North set a record for VBS attendance with more than 100 children attending, and we had three children receive Christ as their Savior. The new space made the week much better than last year’s crowded conditions.

Our next project is to upgrade the 6th grade Forest Park Kids space (The Warehouse) at Forest Park Joplin. We hope to finish that work this fall. Under Greg Walker’s leadership, Forest Park Carthage is changing some of the proposed layout to make the Forest Park Kids and Students environments more functional. Work will begin there following the completion of the 6th grade room at Forest Park Joplin.

The bottom line is that giving remains strong, our kids environments are being improved, and we are very thankful for those of you who continue to support our Next Steps projects with your prayers and giving. The race is not finished yet. Stay faithful, and please help Forest Park run the race with perseverance. We will celebrate the victory together with God’s blessing!

On behalf of the Next Steps Follow-Up Team, thank you!

Richard and Michelle O’Hare (Forest Park North)
Todd and Alaina Yockey (Forest Park Carthage)
Rick and Kathy Griffith (Forest Park Joplin)



July 27, 2016


John Swadley

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